Specializing in Novels and Picture Books

Whether your manuscript is a picture book about dinosaurs searching for their lost beach ball or a contemporary YA romance about two high schoolers who work in the same gift shop and start to realize they actually kind of like each other, I’m the editor for you.

Oh, and if your book is a little bit more serious than those examples, I’m still likely the editor for you.

My preferred genres for novels are young adult and adult, contemporary and historical, with elements of romance, fantasy, and/or comedy. I’m also starting to really enjoy middle-grade novels right now too. If you write thrillers or horror – awesome – but I’m probably not the editor for you (I’m a little, teensy bit afraid of the dark…).

Manuscript Evaluation

A thoughtful assessment of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, with in depth notes on how to make the book even better. Focused on writing and story craft. (This does not include corrections to spelling/grammar.) This includes one reading of the manuscript and a letter with my notes and suggestions.

Substantive Editing

Clarifying and/or reorganizing a manuscript for content and structure. This is more intensive than the manuscript evaluation and includes some discussion back and forth between the editor and the author about suggested changes.

Stylistic Editing

Clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, smoothing language and other non-mechanical line-by-line editing. May include checking or correcting reading level. (This does not include corrections to spelling/grammar.)


Reading proofs of edited manuscript. Checking for misplaced words, completion of copyedits, and correct layout. (This does not include corrections to spelling/grammar.)

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*Descriptions of types of editing are adapted from The Editors Association of Canada.