You’ve already done something amazing – you’ve written a book.

I can help you polish it so that your story shines and readers won’t want to stop reading.

Need someone to read through your book and give you some notes on how it flows, what works, what might need some tweaking, and the like? That’s a manuscript evaluation. I can help with that.

Do you want more than just a few notes on the story, but a more detailed look with some discussion on how to make things the best they can be? That’s a substantive edit. I can also help with that.

Is your book just about ready? It’s been copy-edited, designed, and is about to be queried, submitted, or self-published — but it needs one final check for typos. That’s a proofread. I can help with that too.

I help authors like you turn a draft into a book. I take your awesome story and with a fresh pair of eyes and lots of training make sure the reader can focus on your story and not on those misplaced commas.

Am I the right editor for your book?
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